Environmental Policy

Magnum Hire & Equipment is committed to the conducting its business in an environmentally sound manner.



Magnum Hire & Equipment ensures that all of its staff have the resources, procedures and management support for identifying, controlling and monitoring environmental risks associated with its workplace and onsite envioronments, which meet with the applicable statutory requirements.


Magnum Hire & Equipment adopts practices which minimise any adverse environmental impact and aims to achieve a high standard of environmental care.


Magnum Hire & Equipment actively maintains an open and constructive communication both externally with government and industry bodies and within our company on environmental issues and contributes to the development of key policies and regulations.


Magnum Hire & Equipment provides employees with information about the environmental impact of its products and services and ensures that suppliers and contractors are aware of its environmental policy and are encouraged to apply a comparable standard of environmental care.


Magnum Hire & Equipment requires all areas of its business to continually improve methods and procedures to make the most efficient use of resources, minimise waste and  reduce any adverse environmental impact.