PProduct Range

Magnum carries a stock range of Excavators, Compactors/Rollers, bulldozers, Wheeled Loaders and Graders and low houred and mostly late model machines available in the yard now.

SSearch and Source

If Magnum does not have the machine you are seeking in stock, our search and source facility will find what you want promptly and once ordered can be delivered in NZ in 4-8 weeks.

MMachine Servicing

Magnum carried out a full service check on all machines when they arrive at our premises, ensuring that all our stock is fully operational and ready for sale when you call.

MMachine Extras

Where customers require additional equipment for a machine, a paint job in their company colours, or other add-on’s Magnum can arrange for this to be done at competitive prices prior to delivery.

CCustomer Service

At Magnum we pride ourselves on providing our customers with excellent customer service, industry experience & product knowledge. We can help with equipment selection and finance arrangements is required.

Equipment Hire


Control Expenses – Hiring provides significant savings over buying so you can focus on your bottom line.

Inventory Control – Magnum can provide the extra equipment you need, when you need it. This allows you to keep your equipment inventory at a minimum.

The Right Equipment For The Job - Hiring means you have instant access to millions of dollars worth of equipment, the latest ranges and models, ready when you are.

Customer Care – At Magnum Hire we know construction isn’t a 9 to 5 workplace so we have dedicated on call customer support person’s avaliable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Save On Storage/Warehousing – Hiring means you can significantly reduce your costs by eliminating the need for large equipment storage areas and buildings.

Reduce Down Time – If equipment breaks down, we handle it efficiently so your crew can keep working, will attempt to repair onsite and if that’s not possible we will replace with an equivalent unit straight away.

No Costly Repairs Or maintenance – We take care of the maintenance on the equipment, you won’t need a workshop, spare parts inventory, mechanics, or extra staff to take care of inventory maintenance records for all units supplied by Magnum Hire.

No more certification Issues - Hiring saves you time and you gain peace of mind associated with equipment certification, preventative maintenance costs and paperwork.

Conserve Capital – Hire the equipment you need and use your capital for other, potentially more profitable ventures. Magnum Hire specializes in long-term hires with the top named brands in efficiency. We strive to provide a current fleet so you can be sure you are receiving quality, well-maintained equipment.

Equipment Sales


If you are looking for mining or construction equipment, browse through the listings we have in the menu under Equipment for Sale.

If you are looking for specific equipment regarding earthmoving, mining or construction not shown on this site contact us as we are able to source different equipment from around the world.


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